Better Smile Health With Advanced Laser Dentistry

BIOLASE dental laser improves smile healthWe believe in using advanced technology to improve oral health and provide optimal results for our patients. To address preventive and even cosmetic issues, we could actually employ an advanced dental laser. In today’s blog, your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist talks about the benefits of the BIOLASE® Epic X dental laser!

The BIOLASE® Epic X Laser

Treatments involves using a soft tissue diode laser to address issues with the health and appearance of your smile. We can perform both preventive and general care, and address cosmetic issues as well. When you attend a checkup and cleaning, we will examine your smile to see if you have oral health issues that require attention. We then create a personalized treatment plan as well, which allows us to target and address these concerns using advanced technology, including our dental lasers!

Improving Smile Health and Beauty

If you have stained teeth, we can apply a powerful bleaching gel to the teeth and then activate the gel with the laser, allowing it to break up stains and brighten the teeth in one visit, often by several shades. If you have too much gum tissue on display, also known as a gummy smile, or an uneven gum line that makes the teeth look small or uneven, then we can use the technology to remove excess tissues and reshape the gum line. If you have a tooth that is damaged, decayed, or infected and requires the placement of a restoration, like a crown, we can use the laser to expose more of your tooth structure and aid in the placement of a crown.
If you have high risk factors for gum disease, or experience sore, red gums that bleed easily, we can use the BIOLASE® system to remove diseased tissues and restore health to the gum line. We also reverse inflammation too. We also use this system to provide treatment for canker and cold sores!

The Benefits of Laser Technology

Since the BIOLASE® system instantly cauterizes the area, there is little risk of bleeding or infection, and in some, cases, you won’t even require anesthesia. The area heals quicker, so you can return to your normal routine much faster. The treatment also minimizes the risk of damaging healthy tissues in the process, as we can provide care with greater precision and accuracy.

Do You Have Questions About Preventive Dental Care?

Our team would like to help you enjoy a healthier and more attractive smile with laser dentistry. For more information on our laser dental treatments, then please schedule a consultation by calling Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA today at 818-347-5124. We also proudly welcome patients from Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Encino, Sherman Oaks, and all surrounding communities.