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Which Dental Crown Is Right for Your Smile?

For many years, crowns were made primarily of metal, which unfortunately posed a number of potential problems for many patients. Those with metal allergies or sensitivities might have had problems getting dental treatment, when metal was the only widely available option. Many dentists also recommended moms should not have metal crowns placed during pregnancy. Others… Read more »

Reasons to Seek Seamless Smile Restorations

Seamless Smile Restorations

Do you need restorative treatment, to cope with a dental issue like a progressed cavity or even a tooth infection? Are you hoping to correct your issues in a way that won’t wreck the beauty of your smile? If so, you’re in luck. Modern restorative dentistry offers a number of ways to correct problems in… Read more »

Do You Suffer from Canker Sores? Natural Ways to Heal

Even if your smile is in great shape, you could still find yourself suffering from a canker sore. Not only are they quite painful, they are quite common, too, and they can occur in children as young as two. Fortunately most canker sores don’t require a visit to the dentist or doctor, as they should… Read more »

Enjoy Your Meals Again with Dental Implants

Are you getting sick of removing your dentures, because by the end of the day they’re uncomfortable? Are you tired of feeling worried when you eat, because you’re not sure your prosthetic will make it through the meal? If so, it is time to talk with your restorative dentist about the potential benefits of dental… Read more »

Smile Confidently with a Modern Dental Crown

Have you been suffering with dental pain because you’re worried about what restorative treatment will entail? Some patients think that the only way to restore the smile after a cavity, or even root canal treatment, is to get an unsightly gold crown. Others may already have crowns, which are causing sensitivity or even discomfort, but… Read more »

Feeling Blue? A Dental Filling Could Help

Are you bummed that you are starting the new year with dental pain due to a cavity? Whether caused by excessive sweet treats during the holidays, many months of lax dental hygiene, or just weak teeth, the good news is that a cavity doesn’t have to be the end of your smile as you know… Read more »

What Happens If You Have a Cavity?

Most people will experience a cavity at least once in life, yet many people don’t know what treatment for a cavity entails. Many more don’t know what causes cavities, or how to prevent them in the future. If you fall into that category, now is a great time to learn about the causes of cavities… Read more »

Your Smile’s Beauty Depends on Healthy Gums

Most people are concerned with the appearance of their smiles, especially their teeth. A bright and shiny smile can make a person feel confident and ready to face the world. Unfortunately one of the greatest threats to oral health is often overlooked, even by those with diligent dental hygiene routines; it’s gum disease. If you’re… Read more »

Not Sure How to Feel About a Tooth Extraction?

Most patients run the gamut of emotions when they first learn they need a tooth extraction. Fear, embarrassment and frustration are all frequently experienced at the idea of losing a tooth as an adult. But modern restorative dentistry means you don’t have to live with an incomplete smile or sacrifice your confidence just because a… Read more »

Want a Trick for Preventing Cavities? It’s Great Dental Care

October is a wonderful time of year, one filled with all kinds of sweet treats. But if you don’t want to spend the next few months in the dental chair receiving restorative treatment for cavities, then smart choices and preventive care are each necessary. While most adults will unfortunately experience a cavity at least once… Read more »