Dental Implants: Clearing Up Rumors

dentalimplantpartsHave you come to the conclusion that dental implants offer tooth replacement benefits you’re looking to achieve? Do you find that with every advantage you learn about, someone mentions a potential drawback? Are you having trouble determining whether those drawbacks are simply rumors or if they are factual? Fortunately, we can always help you distinguish between the two. Let’s get started with some common misconceptions.

Rumors Versus Facts: Implants

Rumor: If you are interested in dental implants, you should recognize that it’s very difficult to qualify.

Fact: Implants are available to more than just a small, elite group of individuals. Qualifying for treatment generally rests on your jawbone’s ability to support the implant (and your physical health allowing you to undergo surgery). We can work with patients facing limitations, such as those who require jawbone grafting as a means of reaching candidacy.

Rumor: A dental implant is one unit that replaces an entire tooth. After surgery, your treatment is complete.

Fact: An implant is one piece of the puzzle, so to speak. Your tooth replacement will, in fact, restore your full tooth (your roots through the crown). However, the implant is only the post that sits in place of your roots. It will be topped with an abutment, which will connect your restoration (dental crown) to the post. Then your treatment is finished.

Rumor: Implants fail quite often.

Fact: Dental implants have an extraordinarily high rate of success! How high? Approximately 98 percent, so you can expect good things provided that you follow our suggestions.