Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry For Missing Teeth?

If you have missing teeth in your smile, you probably want your smile to look better. As a result, you may think that replacing teeth is something that we can accomplish with cosmetic dentistry. Here’s what you need to realize: Restoring your smile after tooth loss will require prosthetic dentistry. However, that does not mean that you will not achieve the esthetic improvement that you want (or that you don’t require cosmetic care for your remaining natural teeth). To give you a clear understanding of how to proceed, we are happy to explain.

Schedule A Visit

During your visit, we can determine whether you may require some amount of cosmetic dentistry for remaining teeth. We will also thoroughly examine your smile for a full blueprint of your mouth, as we work with you to decide which type of prosthetic solution suits your preferences and needs. We offer bridges, dentures, and dental implants to guide you toward a beautiful and functional complete smile.

How To Make Choices

If you’re sitting at home trying to make sense of how to blend cosmetic dentistry treatments with tooth replacement options, you’re not going to get very far. Not because you are not wonderful at researching but because you require personalized care plan options from a professional dental team! It’s for the same reason we cannot tell you what you need over the phone. Every smile and set of requirements is unique.

For example, perhaps remaining teeth need veneers and you want implants to replace missing teeth. Maybe existing teeth could use teeth whitening and a bridge is better suited to completing your smile. Maybe all you need is prosthetics. See what we mean? Come see us, so we can transform your smile into the beautiful, full grin you deserve.