Do You Have a Dental Cavity?

Do You Have a Cavity? Has your morning cup of coffee started to cause you pain? Do you find yourself passing up the dessert cart, solely because of dental discomfort? Have you noticed any changes in your teeth’s appearance, such as grey lines or even white patches? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a dental cavity. While no one wants to get diagnosed with a cavity, modern restorative dentistry makes it possible to bounce back from one quickly and beautifully. So if you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, talk to your dentist about how a seamless dental filling might be able to help.

How Can a Filling Help Your Smile?

When they are detected early, dental cavities can often be treated with a simple filling. First the dentist will thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected tooth. Then a filling can be applied.
In many cases, a tooth-colored filling is ideal because of both its esthetic benefits as well as the material’s ability to bond well with teeth. In fact, the composite resin used for seamless fillings is prized for its beauty. That is why it is also used in cosmetic dentistry.
It also tends to bond better with teeth, than metal.  A tight seal is a crucial aspect of restorative treatment, because it can help prevent both further decay and even infection.
When treating most cavities a restorative filling acts as sufficient protection, though some very progressive cavities may require more extensive treatment, such as a crown or even a root canal.