Does A Cavity Need a Tooth-Colored Filling?

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When you have tooth decay, this could grow more severe with time and lead to major discomfort, even the risk of losing the tooth altogether! However, we can offer a solution with a tooth-colored filling that blends with your smile and keeps it safe. In today’s blog, your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist will discuss how we place these lifelike restorations.

The Dangers of Your Dental Cavity

A cavity means the outer protective layer of enamel has become damaged via injury, or weakened and eroded due to plaque buildup and poor oral hygiene. Bacteria then reach the inner layers and cause a cavity. Tooth decay grows with time, and unless treated, will spread throughout the tooth. People experience worsening pain and dentistry, and the tooth could become infected or lost completely. We suggest seeing us for a checkup and cleaning every six months, so we not only remove all harmful plaque buildup with a cleaning, but we watch for the earliest signs of decay, so we can administer treatment before you suffer from toothaches!

Creating a Custom, Lifelike Filling

If you have a toothache, or we uncover the earliest signs of one, then a filling is a likely solution. To begin, our team will administer a numbing agent and then remove the decay from the tooth. Next, we prepare and place the filling material. As we cure the material under a light, we shape the tooth. The final step involves polishing the tooth. In one visit, we stop your decay and protect your tooth. The material we use is a metal-free composite resin, one we shaded to blend with the rest of the smile and offer a lifelike appearance. We want you to smile with confidence!

Keeping Your Smile Strong

Now that we’ve treated your cavity, we would like to keep you from developing another one! Which means you need to cut back on sugary foods and drinks, and also see us every six months for a checkup and cleaning visit. You should brush your teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes each session, and also floss every evening! If you play sports, wear a mouthguard to prevent damage. If you have any questions about how we treat cavities with fillings, or about avoiding tooth decay altogether, the please contact our team today to learn more.

Do You Have a Toothache?

Restorative dentistry means we can repair teeth and prevent major complications and discomfort. For more information on our lifelike dental restorations and preventive treatment options, then please schedule a consultation by calling Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA today at 818-347-5124. We also proudly welcome patients from Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Encino, Sherman Oaks, and all surrounding communities.