Does A Chipped Tooth Need Bonding And Contouring?

If you chip a tooth, how will your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist repair your smile? With cosmetic dentistry, we can often fix teeth in just one visit. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the bonding and contouring process, and how these cosmetic treatment options can restore and improve smile beauty in just a single sitting.

Repairing Smiles

We may use the bonding procedure to fix chipped teeth, as even minor damage could potentially expose the inner tooth structure to harmful bacteria, enabling tooth decay and eventually an infection to develop. With this option, we also lengthen worn down teeth, close gaps between your teeth, and may even mask intrinsic discoloration. These stains form below the tooth enamel, making them difficult to remove with traditional teeth whitening. However, we can mask them using this procedure. With contouring, we actually remove any pits or grooves in the tooth’s surface, and may also reshape the teeth to address minor chips or dull overly pointed portions. In a single visit, both of these options can completely transform your smile’s appearance, and in fact, we may perform both in the same sitting.

The Bonding and Contouring Process

With bonding, we begin by cleaning the tooth and then etching the areas that require treatment. We prepare the composite resin we use in the procedure, which can be shaded to blend with a tooth. We apply the material in several layers, the etching helps it stay in place during the curing process. As we cure the material under a light, the dentist molds and sculpts the tooth. Finally, we polish the tooth, which helps ensure a more natural appearance. With contouring, we don’t add material to the tooth, instead we gently buff away outer structure to reshape and mold the tooth.

Other Cosmetic Options              

We may often combine these treatment options with other cosmetic solutions in a smile makeover. For example, whitening the smile beforehand means your repairs are designed to match your brightest possible smile. For a cost-effective solution to severe staining, we may combine bonding and veneers. We can also talk about other solutions, such as Invisalign® aligners, to correct misalignment. If you have any questions about our cosmetic treatment options, or if you would like to start the process of improving your smile’s beauty, then contact our team today.

Woodland Hills Dental Can Repair Smiles In One Visit

With bonding and contouring, we have the option of repairing smiles and improving the beauty of your teeth in one visit. Schedule a consultation to discuss cosmetic dentistry by calling Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA, today at (818) 347-5124. We also proudly work with patients from Encino, Sherman Oaks, and all other surrounding areas.