Does My Tooth Need To Be Extracted?

While we always strive to help patients preserve their natural teeth, some situations call for a tooth to be removed completely. When does a tooth need to be extracted? What should patients in Woodland Hills, CA expect from this procedure?

Situations That Call for an Extraction

We may remove a tooth that has developed a severe infection, one that a root canal cannot address. Otherwise, infection can soon spread to surrounding teeth or into the jawbone. We can also address teeth so damaged a restoration isn’t enough to repair them. Should a tooth become loose due to gum disease, we may need to extract it. But the most common reason we perform an extraction is to remove wisdom teeth, preferably before they erupt and lead to painful impaction, infections, or damage.

Ensuring a Comfortable Experience

In order to ensure the patient feels comfortable throughout the procedure, we have an advanced anesthesia delivery system known as Singe Tooth Anesthesia (STA) that helps numb the tooth and surrounding area without using a needle. For many patients, the fear of a needle often stands between them and receiving treatment. Once we administer the local anesthetic, we can remove the tooth and suture the area. We then provide detailed aftercare instructions to follow as the area heals.

Replacing Lost Teeth

While a wisdom tooth doesn’t need replacement, what about an infected or damaged tooth we have to remove? Fortunately, we have options available to help fill the gaps. We can look at your smile’s health to decide which option is best. We may recommend a dental bridge or possibly even a dental implant to return your smile to optimal function and appearance. If you have any questions about extractions or tooth replacement, then contact our team today!

Talk To Woodland Hills Dental Arts About Dental Extractions

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