Enjoy A Complete Smile Again With Dentures

partial dentures woodland hillsWhile minor tooth loss can be addressed with a bridge, what about cases in which a person loses most, or all, natural teeth? To help people with several missing teeth enjoy a full and functional smile again, we may suggest a set of dentures. In today’s blog, your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist will explain how we design and craft full, partial, and even implant-secured dentures.

The Causes and Dangers of Advanced Tooth Loss

We could lose teeth to injuries, or as a result of an untreated cavity or infection. However, the most common cause of tooth loss is gum disease. In the advanced stages, known as periodontitis, this disease attacks and severs the tissues that connect the teeth and gums. As a result, gaps form in your smile. As the body stops supplying key nutrients to the jawbone around the lost tooth, more and more go missing until you find yourself with severe gaps in your smile. Major tooth loss could mean trouble eating, limiting your diet to soft foods only. You could have trouble speaking clearly, and for some, a prematurely aged appearance could develop.

Crafting a Prosthetic

To replace your missing teeth, we start by assessing the cause and extent of your loss. We then treat any underlying oral health issues, especially as these could complicate the placement of a prosthetic. Next, a series of detailed impressions and images will be taken, which we use to design and craft your prosthetic in a dental lab setting. We use lifelike materials so your smile not only functions like a natural one, but looks natural too.

Fulls and Partials

A full replaces every tooth on one or more both arches. They will be held in a place with suction or an adhesive, and can be removed for cleaning and soaking. A partial addresses multiple gaps for patients who don’t need a full set yet. The prosthetic contains new teeth and an acrylic base, with metal clasps that attach to natural teeth and secure the denture. Both options will need replacement as the jaw ridge changes over time, altering how they fit. On average, this mean replacement every five to ten years.

Implant Benefits

We can also secure them by placing multiple dental implants into the jawbone. These act as new roots, and stimulates the growth of jawbone tissue. The process means the jaw ridge is preserved and doesn’t change shape, so your dentures can last decades!

Do You Have Questions About Our Dentures?

We want to make sure you maintain a complete and beautiful smile. For more information on our solutions for severe cases of tooth loss, then please schedule a consultation by calling Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA today at 818-347-5124. We also proudly welcome patients from Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Encino, Sherman Oaks, and all surrounding communities.