Feel Your Best with a More Beautiful Smile

Feel Your Best with Cosmetic DentistryChances are there is at least one major event already marked on your calendar for the year. Whether that be purchasing a new home or tying the knot, graduating from college or sending your son or daughter for the first day of kindergarten, will you be ready for the big moment with a beautiful smile? If you don’t yet feel photo-ready to commemorate what the year holds, or if you are just tired of feeling insecure because of imperfections in your teeth, the start of a new year marks a wonderful time to get a fresh outlook, through a confidence-building, dazzling smile! And your cosmetic dentist can help you achieve just that, with a number of treatments designed to erase those pesky imperfections, while bringing out your smile’s existing beauty.

Having a Tough Time Choosing What Treatment Is Right for You?

Most people think of professional teeth whitening when they hear the term “cosmetic dentistry,” but that is only one way a dentist can help you improve your smile. You’re your issues are more significant than just staining or discoloration, you have a few options for addressing them.

Like whitening, cosmetic bonding is a popular form of treatment, that is also quick and affordable. By applying composite resin to the teeth, then carefully sculpting it to create a more symmetrical smile, the dentist can give you a more beautiful and uniform smile, often in under an hour.

Veneers can also accomplish similar results, such as correcting disproportionally or oddly-shaped teeth. But because the porcelain used to craft veneers is very similar to your natural teeth’s enamel, veneers can last even longer than bonding, making them a worthwhile, long-term investment.

Which is right for you can be determined by talking to your dentist about your esthetic concerns, your goals for your smile, your expectations for treatment, as well as your budget and lifestyle. Just make sure you’re honest about your lifestyle, such as whether or not you are a smoker, for instance, as this can affect which cosmetic treatment will give you the best, most long-lasting results!