Honor National Children’s Dental Health Month with Your Kids

Care for Your Kids with Preventive DentistryYou may have already taken down the heart garlands and Cupid-inspired décor, now that Valentine’s Day is over. But that doesn’t mean your chance to celebrate a holiday is over until Saint Patrick’s Day. In fact, the American Dental Association is hoping parents across the country will seize the opportunity to spend February honoring a special occasion, National Children’s Dental Health Month. This is a chance to review basic dental hygiene skills with your kids, as well as to educate them about the importance of oral care, like regular exams and cleanings, so that they can spend this month, and their whole lives, enjoying healthy and beautiful smiles!

Combine Checkups and At-home Care for Great Smiles

From general preventive exams and cleanings to restorative treatment to help correct a cavity or other dental problem, it’s important that your kids grow up understanding the importance of regular dental visits. You can help by scheduling bi-annual checkups for your kids (unless otherwise instructed by their pediatric dentist).

You can also talk positively about dental visits in front of your kids. Better yet, model healthy behavior by attending regular checkups, yourself! Not only will your smile look and feel its best, but your kids will also see great dental care in action.

This is also true of dental hygiene at home. Both brushing and flossing are important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Demonstrate correct technique by brushing and flossing with your young kids, and assisting them until they’re adept enough to handle the brush and floss on their own.

If you have questions about dental hygiene, exams or detecting dental issues, check out the great resources available for parents through the American Dental Association’s website