How Bonding and Contouring Enhance Your Grin

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Sometimes preserving your oral health and hygiene comes down to extracting a compromised tooth, however, this is not the case for most dental concerns. In fact, removal is often the last resort, as steps are taken beforehand that can preserve your smile. When you experience a chip, crack, gap, or stain in your tooth, your concern can be addressed thoroughly and efficiently, and in some cases, only require a single dental visit. Your Woodland Hills, CA dentist at Woodland Hills Dental Arts can take care of any unsightly blemish with the use of dental bonding and contouring.

Fixing Cracks and Chips

Accidents happen regularly, and can occur at any time. The same can be said for dental accidents, as you may develop a chip or crack in a tooth from physical activity such as a sports encounter, stumbling and falling, and everything in-between. When a structure is visibly broken or altered, it can cause a feeling of decreased confidence in one’s appearance, as a smile is usually the first thing people notice about others. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers a method of correcting unwanted blemishes while also utilizing and restoring the healthy natural structure of your teeth.

When you exhibit cosmetic discrepancies within a tooth, your provider may suggest the bonding and contouring treatment. This procedure allows the ability to seamlessly improve your smile by mending your broken structures with a shade-matched dental composite resin. One the resin is placed, it is contoured or shaped to closely mimic the natural texture and appearance of your teeth. After the composite is shaped to satisfaction, it is then hardened, creating a tight bond that completes your tooth.

Protection from Infection

Oral bacteria thrive in hard-to-access portions of the mouth, often gathering behind the teeth and near the gums, especially near the back molars. When a tooth is cracked down the middle, the oral structure is vulnerable to infection and harmful bacteria that can target the pulpous inside of a tooth. If left unmanaged, this can result in infection, disease, decay, and ultimately even loss. When you undergo the bonding and contouring treatment, your dentist carefully cleans the area affected before applying the composite resin. The resin is malleable and able to be shaped exactly where it needs to be place, ensuring there are not any gaps or holes present. Once hardened, the bond created is secure and prevents bacteria from entering further. By closing off the opening toward the root and inner structure, your smile is preserved and once again protected from infection.

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