How Does Bonding And Contouring Improve Smiles?

When patients come to us with chipped, stained, or damaged teeth, we can correct these issues with cosmetic dentistry. You may be surprised to learn that two of our cosmetic procedures can often correct a problem in just one visit. How does bonding and contouring improve smiles?

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonding and Contouring

Question: How does bonding fix a tooth?

Answer: With dental bonding, we use the same material as our tooth-colored fillings: composite resin. We clean the tooth, removing any decay, before gently etching the tooth. We then apply the composite resin in multiple layers. As we cure the material under a light, the dentist can sculpt and mold the tooth. We complete the procedure by polishing the tooth. We can repair chipped teeth, mask teeth stains, and close gaps between teeth.

Question: Will contouring improve my smile’s esthetics?

Answer: Contouring involves gently buffing away a small amount of tooth structure. We can do this to dull overly pointed teeth, reshape malformed or damaged teeth, or even remove pits or grooves in the surface of the teeth.

Question: How long does each treatment take?

Answer: Each option can be performed in a single visit. In fact, we’re often performed both procedures in the same sitting to help transform a patient’s smile.

Question: What if I need more substantial restoration?

Answer: In the event that the damage or cosmetic issues are too severe for dental bonding or contouring, we can often address the issue with either a custom-made dental crown, which covers the entirety of the tooth structure, or a veneer. A veneer fits over the front and sides of the tooth, instantly changing the appearance. If you have any questions about our cosmetic procedures, or if you think you’re ready to discuss treatment options, then contact our team today.

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