How We Guide Your Dental Implants Into Place

woodland hills implant placementWhen properly placed, dental implants offer a success rate of 98%, far higher than removable dentures and crown-secured prosthetics. To ensure optimal results, we plan and guide their placement using advanced imaging technology. In today’s blog, your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist talks about guided dental implant placement.

Creating a Virtual Model

First, we want to create a detailed virtual model of your smile, which offers far more accurate results than a traditional physical impression. We use digital x-rays and CT scanning technology to obtain a series of images we can combine to create a detailed computer impression. This virtual model allows us to assess the strength of your jawbone and the state of your tooth loss. We can then plan treatment with precision and accuracy, choosing the best angles and positions to insert the implant or implants into place.

Administering STA

We want you to feel calm and comfortable throughout the procedure, which is why we offer anesthesia. But instead of relying on traditional needle-administered options, our team will use Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA). This is a needleless and computer guided system, which allows better accuracy and prevents damage to surrounding tissues. This is also more comfortable for our patients too! Once you’re calm and relaxed, we will move forward with placement.

Securing Your New Roots

The implant portions, made from biocompatible titanium, will be inserted in the jawbone. The body will accept them as new roots and over a period of weeks and months, they will bond with the jawbone through osseointegration. This secures the like roots, and also stimulates the growth of jawbone tissue to prevent the break down that follows tooth loss. Not only will your new roots stay in place for decades to come or possibly a lifetime, but you also maintain your youthful features too!

The Crowns and Dentures

Once the new post is secured, we can attend to the visible portion of your new tooth or teeth. For an individual one, we will attach a crown. This will be custom-made and shaded to look natural and blend with the smile, and will also be able to handle daily bite forces and pressures. For more advanced cases, we could also secure a bridge or even a full set of dentures, so you can smile with confidence for decades to come. If you have any questions about treating tooth loss, then contact our team today.

Your Woodland Hills, CA Dentist Provides Implant Dentistry

Our team is eager to help you maintain a full and healthy smile once again by treating tooth loss. If you would like to learn more about how we address minor or severe tooth loss, then contact your Woodland Hills, CA dentist, Dr. Naminik, by calling 818-347-5124.