Make Sure Your Smile Is Ready for Summer with Cosmetic Dentistry

Summer Ready Smiles with Cosmetic DentistryWill you soon be celebrating your graduation, your best friend’s wedding, or the vacation of a lifetime? If this summer marks any special occasion in your life, make sure you are ready for the inevitable photo ops, and real-life face time with your closet friends and family, by talking to your dentist about how cosmetic dentistry could enhance your smile’s natural beauty. There are actually a number of fast and affordable ways to ensure your smile looks its best next season, just in time for whatever your summer has in store.

What Can Be Done to Improve Your Smile?

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most common and popular forms of cosmetic dentistry, because of how drastically it can improve a smile’s appearance, and how quickly it can be completed.

Unlike over-the-counter options, which may take several months to reach the desired effects, professional teeth whitening can generally be completed in less than two week’s time, and it can lighten teeth by more than seven shades.

Do You Have Issues Beyond Staining?

If you have bigger concerns than simple staining or discoloration, there are still fast and affordable ways to address them. Bonding and contouring can generally be completed in less than an hour, and they can be used to address a wide variety of esthetic issues, including jagged edges, seemingly misshapen or disproportionately small or large teeth, permanent staining whitening cannot correct, and even minor gaps between or overlapping of teeth.

In many cases, bonding is used on a few teeth, while whitening can be used allover the smile, in order to create a natural-looking, yet dramatically-improved smile!