What Can You Do To Prevent Cavities After Halloween?

For kids and adults alike, Halloween is a fun time to enjoy scary movies and dress up in spooky costumes. Unfortunately, Halloween also means excessive amounts of sugary sweets and an increased risk of cavities. However, there are steps our Woodland Hills, CA, patients can take to protect smiles from cavities.

Offer Alternatives to Candy

You don’t have to give out candy on the big day! In fact, not doing so could limit the risk of cavities in the smiles of neighborhood children and ease the minds of parents that have kids with allergies to nuts and other common candy ingredients. Instead of sweets, opt for stickers, temporary tattoos, small packages of crayons, or even party favors.

Provide Routine Care at Home

At home you can limit how much candy your children eat and also buy their candy from them, letting them exchange their sweets for money or a small toy. But to really protect their smiles, you need to make sure your kids are brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing every night before bed. Routine care is essential for protecting smiles from tooth decay and gingivitis!

See Us for Preventive Treatment

We have preventive treatments to help safeguard smiles. For example, we may offer fluoride to strengthen outer enamel. We apply fluoride in a special varnish that only takes minutes to apply. We also have dental sealants to prevent food from becoming stuck between teeth. A dental cleaning also helps remove plaque and protects smiles of all ages from tooth decay. If you have any questions about our preventive treatments, or if you have questions about keeping smiles healthy during the Halloween season, then contact our team today. We want you to enjoy a spooky, and healthy, Halloween!

Talk To Woodland Hills Dental Arts About Preventing Cavities

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