What Dental Technology Do You Offer?

In order to help patients in Woodland Hills, CA, enjoy improved oral health, we employ a number of different treatment options. We also believe in providing advanced technology, which offers a more comfortable treatment experience, as well as better results. What dental technologies does our office offer?

Try Our Quiz on Dental Technology

  1. True or False: Digital x-rays use less radiation.
  2. True or False: BIOLASE employs advanced laser technology.
  3. True or False: We plan implant placement with iTero® scanning.

Answer Key

  1. True. Digital x-rays use up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. In addition, they don’t require lengthy development periods using harsh chemicals, making them a greener alternative. The images are available instantly chairside, allowing the dentist to walk you through the diagnosis. The clear images also allow more accurate diagnoses. Finally, patients don’t have to deal with uncomfortable bite wings and the process is much shorter.
  2. True. Using a dental laser, we can perform soft tissue procedures with greater comfort and accuracy than we would if we used a scalpel. The lasers allow us to perform gum contouring, treat periodontal disease, and address other common oral health issues. The treatment rarely requires anesthesia and patients enjoy a significantly reduced risk of bleeding or infection following treatment. The procedure also promotes a much faster healing time.
  3. True. In order to create a restoration, such as a crown, or an oral appliance, such as an orthodontic aligner or sleep apnea appliance, we need to take impressions. In the past, patients had to bite down on a messy material to create one. Now, we use a digital camera at the end of a small wand to take impressions in just minutes, offering patients a more comfortable experience and creating more accurate impressions. We also use them to help plan dental implant placement and a number of other restorative procedures.

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