Why You Should Considering Replacing a Lost Tooth

Close Up Photo Of Young Woman With Missing ToothWhile it is definitely not preferred, extracting a tooth or losing a tooth as an adult can at times be necessary when it comes to preserving your oral health. In fact, leaving a diseased oral structure in tact can actually do much more harm than help. After the removal, however, it is important to note that your battle is not over just yet, as leaving a gap in your smile will cause multiple complications including function, further infection, and of course cosmetically. For these reasons, your Woodland Hills, CA dentist at Woodland Hills Dental Arts wants you to be informed of the reasons behind replacing a tooth.

Increased Function

When you have a tooth extracted or lose one due to physical injury, infection, or other method, your bite’s function will become affected. For instance, each oral structure is comprised of a crown, which is the top portion visible in a smile, and a root, which is embedded in the jaw bone beneath the gum line. The root serves an important purpose as an anchor for your teeth that can withstand the stress of bite pressure. This makes daily activities such as biting or chewing much more effective. When a structure is missing, however, it will cause unevenness in your bite as it must shift to accommodate the area that can no longer support the function. Further, if multiple teeth are missing and there is no anchorage to the jaw, the bone can begin to deteriorate and cause further difficulties moving forward.

As an alternative to this, the restorative procedure of receiving a dental implant and restoration can actually prevent this process from occurring. A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed and secured in the jaw. The bone heals around the post, creating a strong bond and allowing the post to function as an artificial root. On top of the post, a lifelike dental restoration can be created and shade-matched to your grin and applied, offering a correction to your bite and restoring overall function.

Less Potential for Further Infection

Once a tooth is lost to infection or disease such as decay, the chances of surrounding oral structures becoming compromised and lost increases dramatically. While the deteriorated piece is no longer present, the harmful oral bacteria that caused the problem in the first place is. Oral bacteria gather in the parts of the mouth that can be difficult to reach, staying close to gum lines and between teeth. If the gap remains, bacteria can continue to spread and harm other structures, making replacing it a top priority.

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