Will Dental Implants Support A Bridge Or Denture?

Typically, placing a dental bridge require crowns and if you receive dentures, they usually rely on suction or even metal clasps. But dental implants? These are actually inserted into your jawbone and act like new tooth roots. So, can we use them to provide more stable and lifelike bridges and dentures? In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we employ implant dentistry to offer greater stability for patients in Woodland Hills, CA, suffering from tooth loss.

What Happens When I Lose Several Natural Teeth?

When you lose most or all of your teeth, this leads to major complications for your overall health. First, you often can’t eat a variety of foods, and relying mainly on soft foods deprives your body of nutrients. In addition, you may find yourself struggling to speak clearly. Since the body stops sending key nutrients to the jawbone around a lost tooth, losing several teeth means losing a significant amount of jawbone structure as well. Over time, this is linked to further tooth loss and an aged appearance.

The Benefits of Implant-Secured Prosthetics

When we insert the dental implants into the jawbone, they actually bond with the bone tissue. The body then recognizes them as tooth roots, since they’re made from titanium, a biocompatible material. As a result, the prosthetic won’t rely on crowns or suction to stay in place. Instead, they remain fixed onto the implants, offering longer-lasting tooth replacement and preventing the loss of further jawbone structure, since the presence of implants stimulates the growth of jawbone structure. Of course, we also custom-make each individual prosthetic, which ensures your bridge or denture blends seamlessly with your smile.

Do I Qualify?

We look at a number of different factors before prescribing this tooth replacement option. First, we need to know if you have enough jawbone tissue to support a prosthetic. If not, you may need a bone grafting procedure before we proceed. We also look for the presence of gum disease, as monitoring and managing the disease prevents the loss of natural teeth and implant-secured prosthetics. If you have a number of missing teeth and would like a dependable and lifelike solution then please contact our team today. We would love to talk to you about implant-retained prosthetics and help you on the road toward a whole and healthy smile.

Woodland Hills Dental Offers Full and Healthy Smiles

Our team wants to provide long-lasting and natural looking solutions to minor and severe tooth loss. Schedule a consultation to discuss our approach to implant dentistry and custom prosthetics by calling Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA, today at (818) 347-5124. We also proudly work with patients from Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Encino, and all other surrounding areas.