Laser Dentistry with BIOLASE®

Laser technology has become an increasingly more important part of professional dental treatments, especially those that have traditionally involved scalpels and surgery. At our office, we use the advanced BIOLASE® laser system. BIOLASE® provides a better and more comfortable option for treatments such as periodontal care and maintenance, cosmetic gum contouring, teeth-whitening, pain therapy, and more. Because laser dentistry is significantly more comfortable, it often doesn’t require sedation and can be performed with significantly improved results.

What Is BIOLASE® Epic X?

The Epic X diode laser offers the ultimate comfort and convenience in a wide variety of common dental procedures, including cosmetic smile improvement and periodontal cleaning and maintenance. Created by BIOLASE®, the leader in dental laser technologies, our Epic X system allows for significantly improved comfort, convenience, and results in procedures such as:

  • Teeth-whitening:  Combined with a highly potent but safe bleaching agent, the Epic X laser can stimulate fast, safe, and effective teeth-whitening in just a single visit to our office.
  • Gingivectomy: Your gingivectomy, or gum contouring, procedure can be completed quicker, with more lifelike results, and with minimal discomfort when performed with the Epic X laser, compared to traditional gum surgery.
  • Crown lengthening: Using the innovative laser technology, we can perform more precise crown lengthening procedures to expose more of your tooth structure so your dentist can successfully restore the tooth.
  • Non-surgical perio maintenance: Periodontal cleaning and maintenance focuses largely on controlling oral bacteria, which the Epic X laser does with unmatched precision and efficiency.
  • Pain therapy: Besides cosmetic and periodontal applications, the Epic X laser can be adjusted to provide non-invasive oral and maxillofacial pain therapy, as well as relief from canker and cold sores.

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