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Malocclusion, or the state of crooked teeth, doesn’t affect everyone, but it is common enough among children and adults alike to be considered a significant problem. While orthodontic braces can help children avoid the long-term problems of malocclusion, older teens and adults may not be anxious to wear metal brackets and wires on their teeth. Fortunately, Doctors Naminik, Hirsch, and Koshki offer a more discreet and convenient solution through Invisalign® clear aligners – a cosmetically appealing alternative to conventional braces.

Problems with Malocclusion

When crooked teeth are left untreated, they do more than just affect your smile’s appearance. Proper alignment is necessary for your teeth to effectively absorb the pressure of your bite. When they’re crooked, your teeth can suffer from excessive wear and/or damage as a result of the stress. For many patients, Invisalign® can help strengthen crooked teeth to improve their smiles and reduce their risks of subsequent dental issues.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign® is comprised of a series of custom-designed aligners that fit over your teeth, and are made from clear, nearly-invisible acrylic. As you progress through the series, each aligner moves crooked teeth closer to their desired positions. Besides being nearly-invisible, the advanced aligners are also removable, granting them a number of benefits over traditional braces, such as;

  • No drastic changes to your diet just to prevent food from sticking to your braces
  • No risk of scratching soft oral tissues (the plastic aligners are smooth and have no jagged edges to irritate your gums, lips, and insides of your cheeks)
  • Increased confidence from knowing that your aligners are unnoticeable to those around you

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