Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism Treatment | Woodland Hills, CaA More Relaxed Bite With Bruxism Treatment

Bruxism describes the unconscious and uncontrollable grinding of your teeth, and is usually most persistent during sleep. Unlike many more common dental health issues, like gingivitis and cavities, bruxism can originate from a number of different sources. Its symptoms and effects can also differ from patient to patient, making an accurate diagnosis more complicated. If your dentist notices wear or damage on your teeth consistent with bruxism, then he might recommend a custom oral appliance to protect your teeth from each other. Depending on how much damage your teeth have already sustained, you might also require one or more restorations to rebuild your tooth structure.

Treating Bruxism at Its Source

The reasons behind bruxism can range from a variety of underlying conditions, such as;

  • an uneven bite (i.e., crooked teeth or asymmetrical jawbone)
  • excessive stress (which can cause continuous muscle tension in your jaws)
  • and more

In mild to moderate cases, bruxism treatment may simply involve a custom-made dental appliance, much like a sports mouthguard, that will protect your teeth from grinding against each other. Since most patients who experience bruxism do most of their grinding at night, the device is designed to be worn while you sleep. While awake, you can make a conscious effort to stop grinding your teeth when you notice it, and we can also help you with stress-reduction techniques to relax tense jaw muscles.

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