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TMJ Treatment | Woodland Hills, CaHow TMJ Treatment Can Improve Your Life

Besides bruxism, an improper bite balance can lead to other oral health issues, as well – from damage to your teeth to stress and injury to your jaw’s joints. The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) on either side of your jaw allow it to move, but may eventually become inflamed, displaced, or damaged when exposed to too much pressure. If so, then the nerves in your jaw can spread the discomfort of TMJ disorder throughout your head, face, and neck. The size of your jaw’s nerves (known as trigeminal nerves) contributes to a multitude of symptoms that can sometimes make TMJ disorder difficult to diagnose.

Understanding Your TMJ Treatment

The key to successfully treating TMJ disorder and eliminating its discomfort is to first determine what is causing it. If the main contributing factor is a problem with your bite’s alignment, then your TMJ treatment may include orthodontic braces, or more discreet Invisalign clear braces. If an abundance of overall stress is to blame, then you may find relief through relaxation and/or physical therapy. In most cases, the point of customized TMJ treatment is to alleviate the pressure from the joints so that your TMJs can heal properly.

Choosing Your TMJ Treatment

Because an accurate and thorough diagnosis is vital for effective TMJ treatment, the first step will be a comprehensive examination of your jaw’s function. During your initial consultation, your doctor may recommend digital X-rays and a CT scan to gain a clearer view of your mouth and jaw.

What your TMJ treatment entails will depend on the results of the diagnostic evaluation. However, we always focus on conservative, non-invasive solutions like a custom dental appliance, or Invisalign. In severe cases, such as complex jawbone malformation, you may require oral surgery.

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