Tooth Bonding/Contouring

Tooth Bonding Contouring | Woodland Hills, CaWhat Tooth Bonding/Contouring Can Do For You

The good news about cosmetic dentistry is that you don’t always need extensive treatment to achieve the results you desire. For instance, patients with a variety of cosmetic complaints can often find a solution with tooth bonding/contouring. The minimally-invasive procedures involve minor but impactful changes to one or more teeth, such as applying tooth-colored resin or gently sculpting away a small amount of tooth enamel.

What Is Tooth Bonding/Contouring?

Bonding, which involves the application of tooth-colored composite resin, describes adding to your tooth’s structure to make it seem larger, cover odd spaces between teeth, or even conceal stains that are too stubborn for teeth whitening. The procedure is relatively simple, and in most cases, local anesthesia is not needed.

By contrast, contouring means lightly sculpting away a small part of a tooth’s outer layer (enamel) to smooth jagged edges, reestablish a more attractive contour for your tooth, and more. The amount of tooth structure that we modify is minimal, though you can request local anesthesia for increased comfort during your procedure.

What If Bonding and Contouring Are Not Enough?

For cosmetic issues that are too prominent for tooth bonding/contouring, we may recommend a more involved treatment plan, such as cosmetic porcelain veneers. If a tooth has suffered severe damage, or has become infected with tooth decay, then you may need an appropriate restorative treatment, like a tooth filling or a dental crown.

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