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Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a common threat that affects over half of adults in the United States. Gingivitis, the beginning stage of gum disease, develops when oral bacteria gather and multiply along your gum line where the periodontal tissues meet your teeth. The inflammation and infection caused by the bacteria will eventually destroy your gums and the alveolar bone underneath, which support your teeth. In its severe form, gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and can increase your risk of developing certain systemic health issues (including heart disease and other inflammation-related conditions).

Along with good dental hygiene at home, maintaining a consistent schedule of dental exams and cleanings greatly increases your chances of preventing gum disease. If the disease has already developed, then your appointments may allow your dentist to detect the signs and treat the condition before extensive damage occurs.

What is Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing is a more descriptive name for deep periodontal cleaning. The process involves carefully removing bacteria-rich plaque and tartar from underneath your gums, cleaning and smoothing your teeth’s roots to inhibit bacteria growth in the future. Cleaning under your gums allows the tissues to heal properly and reduce your risks of developing periodontal disease.

In many cases, we utilize ultrasonic scaling and root planing to break up and remove bacterial plaque/tartar in a significantly less invasive manner. The ultrasonic scaler uses advanced sound-wave technology as an alternative to manual periodontal cleaning.

In Severe Cases of Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, is usually marked by redness, swelling, and bleeding in your gums, indicating an infection in your periodontal tissues. As the infection progresses, the symptoms will grow worse, and eventually, will become severe enough to destroy the tissues and jawbone that support your teeth. If your periodontal disease has become too advanced to treat with a deep cleaning alone, then your doctor can refer you to a periodontal specialist to provide you with the most effective treatment option.

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