3 Unique Denture Options

Losing one tooth is embarrassing, and could lead to poorer oral health. However, if you lose a majority of your teeth, or all of them, then this could impact not just your oral health, but your overall health and your ability to eat and speak as well! In order to address more advanced cases of tooth loss, our team may offer three unique denture options. When should you see your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist for treatment and how do we create custom dental prosthetics?

The Dangers of Advanced Tooth Loss

What does it mean when we lose several of our teeth, or even all of them? First, this could lead to issues with our self-confidence, and even the avoidance of social interactions due to embarrassment. In addition, missing teeth makes eating your favorite foods difficult and could force you to rely on soft foods, depriving your body of essential nutrients. You may also have trouble speaking clearly, and could loss jawbone density and mass due to the missing teeth, as the body suspends the flow of calcium and phosphorus. You may eventually develop an aged appearance as well.

Partial Dentures

If you have gaps spread out across your smile, then you may need a partial prosthetic. The prosthetic consists of your new teeth set into an acrylic base that looks natural gum tissue. There will also be metal clasps, which attach to natural teeth to secure your removable partial. We take steps to ensure your new teeth look natural and blend with your remaining ones, providing a more attractive appear wand a prosthetic that could last for 5 to 10 years.

Full Prosthetics

A full denture replaces every tooth on one or both of your arches, with a full row of new teeth set into an acrylic base. Natural suction, and possibly the assistance of an adhesive, will keep them in place. Again, we custom-make them to ensure a more attractive appearance. Your teeth will also be durable and able to absorb bite forces as well.

Implant Options

With dental implants, we can secure a fixed prosthetic that never slips when you eat or speak. The dental implants, inserted into the jawbone like natural tooth roots, will provide a denture that can last decades, even a lifetime in some situations. If you have any questions about dentures and tooth replacement options, then contact our team today.

Do You Have Questions About Our Prosthetics?

We would like to help you enjoy a full and beautiful smile with a custom-made set of dentures. For more information on our custom and lifelike prosthetics, please schedule a consultation by calling Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA today at 818-347-5124. We also proudly welcome patients from Thousand Oaks, Westlake, and all surrounding communities.