Category: Emergency Dental Care

Have You Broken A Tooth?

When we injure our teeth, this leads to more than just initial discomfort and negative changes to your smile’s appearance. This damage could also mean a greater risk of tooth decay and even infected teeth! If you’ve broken a tooth, then talk to your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist about possible repair, including lifelike crowns and… Read more »

The Emergency of Tooth Loss

Dental emergencies can occur in a variety of ways, and in extreme cases, can involve sudden tooth loss. However, replacing a lost tooth isn’t usually an immediate procedure, requiring thorough preparation to ensure that the replacement tooth is perfectly designed to look and function like the real thing. Given the common waiting period between tooth… Read more »

Smile Confidently with a Modern Dental Crown

Have you been suffering with dental pain because you’re worried about what restorative treatment will entail? Some patients think that the only way to restore the smile after a cavity, or even root canal treatment, is to get an unsightly gold crown. Others may already have crowns, which are causing sensitivity or even discomfort, but… Read more »

Feeling Blue? A Dental Filling Could Help

Are you bummed that you are starting the new year with dental pain due to a cavity? Whether caused by excessive sweet treats during the holidays, many months of lax dental hygiene, or just weak teeth, the good news is that a cavity doesn’t have to be the end of your smile as you know… Read more »

A Quiz on Dental Emergencies

Like all good health care, emergencies are a common part of effective general dental care, and the more you know about your dental health, the better prepared you’ll be to face an emergency situation. Today, we test how much you know about effective emergency dental care, and how to reduce the risks of your teeth… Read more »