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Don’t Stress During Your Next Visit

There are quite a few people who suffer from what is known as “white coat syndrome”, where they either fear that visiting a doctor will involve some sort of pain or that the doctor may find an issue that the patient will have to deal with. You don’t have to be afraid of your dentist…. Read more »

Why You May Need Dental Implants

Are your gums red, sore, or bleeding? If so, you may be developing periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the earliest stage of periodontal disease and can be reversed, but once you develop full-blown periodontitis (the severest stage of periodontal disease) there is no reversing it. Periodontal disease, also referred to as gum disease, is the major… Read more »

Dentures vs. Implants: What’s the Difference?

Dentures and tooth implants offer ways to replace a missing tooth and restore beauty to a genuine smile. Dentures and implants can be used alone, or in concert with each other. One factor that determines whether dentures, implants or a combination of the two will works best is the number and location of missing teeth…. Read more »

How Important Are Regular Dental Cleanings?

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once, preferably before bedtime. Chances are, you knew that already. You might also know that the ADA advises attending a routine dental checkup and cleaning at least once every six months, or more often, if directed. Nevertheless,… Read more »

Honor National Children’s Dental Health Month with Your Kids

You may have already taken down the heart garlands and Cupid-inspired décor, now that Valentine’s Day is over. But that doesn’t mean your chance to celebrate a holiday is over until Saint Patrick’s Day. In fact, the American Dental Association is hoping parents across the country will seize the opportunity to spend February honoring a… Read more »

A Quiz on Dental Emergencies

Like all good health care, emergencies are a common part of effective general dental care, and the more you know about your dental health, the better prepared you’ll be to face an emergency situation. Today, we test how much you know about effective emergency dental care, and how to reduce the risks of your teeth… Read more »