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How Invisalign® Aligners Make Orthodontics Easier

Malocclusion (the state of crooked teeth) differs from patient to patient. For some, it may not be that obvious, while for others, the imbalance can noticeably throw off the appearance of their entire smiles. Regardless of how severe it is, though, malocclusion negatively impacts the health and function of your bite, and can lead to… Read more »

A Few Important Facts About Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are more common than you may realize, especially among adults. However, unlike children, adults may be more keen to ignore them out of fear of having to wear conspicuous, uncomfortable metal braces to correct them. This can be troublesome for two reasons: crooked teeth affect your bite’s ability to function, and ignoring the… Read more »

Do You Have Questions About Invisalign®?

Crooked teeth may show up most often during childhood, but adults with straight teeth can still develop tooth misalignment later in life. For many adults, the decision to straighten their teeth is often weighed by the prospect of wearing conspicuous, inconvenient braces for up to two years. Fortunately, that prospect is no longer a factor… Read more »