Invisalign® Yields Gentler Results

InvisalignAlignment is one of the most common areas of cosmetic dental enhancement and it can also bring significant health benefits. When your smile suffers imbalance due to misalignment, a few different troubles can arise. These issues can lead to further oral health issues in the future. For instance, the overcrowding of teeth often creates areas that you cannot properly clean with your routine hygiene. If the location is inaccessible, bacteria can have safe harbor in these locations and continue to grow unimpeded. This situation leads to tooth decay from the acidic waste these germs produce.

Invisalign® aligners are a discreet form of alignment treatment that helps to minimize these dental health concerns. These clear aligner trays are nearly invisible to others and gently reposition your teeth on the dental ridge so that they can be properly maintained. We proudly offer this form of treatment at  Woodland Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA to help you look your best. Stop the troublesome development of a misaligned smile and let your natural smile shine through!

Treat Alignment At Any Age

One reason that patients avoid seeking treatment for their alignment issues is due to their age. If you have been holding off on an alignment improvement due to the obtrusiveness of traditional braces, you are not alone. Many people feel that this form of treatment is intended for adolescents.

In addition, the clear trays from Invisalign® can help you to change the path of your dental wellbeing in a discreet fashion. Keep your procedure to yourself and let the results speak for themselves.

A Gentler Approach To Prevention

This approach also offers a different mechanism than traditional braces. While the cement used in braces is safe for your enamel, that method relies upon pulling the teeth from a singular point. Invisalign® trays contact more surface area and therefore can disperse the stress more evenly among the mouth. This can result in a more comfortable experience that gently repositions your smile.

Your alignment does not have to dictate the path for your smile. Speak with a qualified dental professional about how these could help you to have a safe and more beautiful smile.

Allow Your Natural Smile To Flourish With Invisalign®

To learn more about how alignment therapy can help you to have a healthy smile, call Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA, at 818-347-5124. The proper placement of your teeth can help you to remove the buildup of problem bacterial colonies deep within areas that are hard to clean. In addition, clear aligners can help stop the overuse of specific teeth and allow you to have more balance in your bite. Speak with us today about the many benefits of improving your smile, both in appearance and vitality!