The Clear Advantage Of Invisalign®

Invisalign Woodland Hills CAOne common concern for smiles of all ages is the improper alignment of teeth. If you struggle with the appearance of your smile, it can affect you in numerous ways, as your self-confidence is a major part of your first impressions. In work, you may be less likely to speak your mind during meetings, or even at job interviews. Personally, you might be more timid than you actually feel inside.

Thankfully, a novel form of treatment allows you to improve your alignment without the use of bulky traditional orthodontics. If the visual appearance of braces has been what is holding you back in seeking repair, speak with Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA about Invisalign®. This method brings your teeth into alignment through the use of nearly invisible trays, which you change out as you reach closer to your goal. Keep your treatment private, so that you can continue living your daily life uninterrupted.

An Advanced Scan For Positive Results

One of the ways that dental technology is evolving is through the use of more precise imagery. An intraoral scanner is a technologically advanced machine that precisely measures the dimensions of your smile. Our office proudly utilizes iTero® scanners to create a three-dimensional image of the structures of your mouth, which can then be used in your clear aligner treatment.

Traditional forms of molding are messy at best, and can take time out of your day. Set aside an appointment for imagery with the use of an intraoral scanner, so that you can feel comfortable going back to work after your appointment. This approach gives your provider a highly accurate computer model, without the use of outdated molding.

How Invisalign® Treatment Works To Improve Your Smile

The use of clear aligners has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and you might be wondering about some of the advantages. One of the most popular aspects of this approach is its discreet ability to bring your teeth into alignment. Traditional braces might seem like a step too far for your needs, if you are already in the professional world. A clear solution can allow you to continue working without any of your peers noticing your treatment.

You will wear your clear aligners throughout the day, removing them only to eat and to care for your routine dental hygiene. Even when you are asleep, your Invisalign® solution will continue to shift your teeth closer to your goal!

A Clearer Dental Future At Woodland Hills Dental Arts

The improvement of the alignment of your smile is achievable through a nearly invisible solution from Invisalign®. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA at 818-347-5124.