Your Smile’s Beauty Depends on Healthy Gums

Floss as Periodontal PreventionMost people are concerned with the appearance of their smiles, especially their teeth. A bright and shiny smile can make a person feel confident and ready to face the world. Unfortunately one of the greatest threats to oral health is often overlooked, even by those with diligent dental hygiene routines; it’s gum disease. If you’re not concerned with your gums, here’s what you need to know about the potential consequences and why your dentist keeps telling you it’s important to floss, attend checkups, and generally take care of your whole smile, not just those pearly whites. (more…)

Not Sure How to Feel About a Tooth Extraction?

Relaxed Man Tooth ExtractionMost patients run the gamut of emotions when they first learn they need a tooth extraction. Fear, embarrassment and frustration are all frequently experienced at the idea of losing a tooth as an adult. But modern restorative dentistry means you don’t have to live with an incomplete smile or sacrifice your confidence just because a tooth must be removed. On the contrary, most patients go on to enjoy their smile’s look and function more than while suffering with a badly damaged or partially erupted tooth. So, whether you’re concerned you may need an extraction or have already been told you do, take a deep breath. A tooth extraction is the first step on a journey towards a healthier and more confidence-inducing smile, and that’s nothing to frown about!


Celebrate Big Moments with a More Beautiful Smile

Wedding Smiles Cosmetic DentistryOctober is one of the most popular months of the year for couples to say “I do,” so whether you, yourself, are about to be a bride or groom, or just have friends fixing to tie the knot, it’s very likely there’s at least wedding on your upcoming schedule. If so, it’s not too late to get your smile looking its best before the big day. Modern cosmetic treatments offer a number of ways your dentist can help hide any imperfections with your smile, and get those pearly whites looking more dazzling just in time for those beautiful fall weddings. (more…)

Want a Trick for Preventing Cavities? It’s Great Dental Care

Halloween Teeth CavitiesOctober is a wonderful time of year, one filled with all kinds of sweet treats. But if you don’t want to spend the next few months in the dental chair receiving restorative treatment for cavities, then smart choices and preventive care are each necessary. While most adults will unfortunately experience a cavity at least once in life, often requiring a dental filling, knowing how they form and how to care for your teeth can help reduce the likelihood that you’ll develop one. That way you can enjoy the occasional treat without forfeiting your beautiful smile. (more…)

Benefits Of Dental Implants

benefitsrainbowChoosing dental implants to restore your smile in the wake of tooth loss is a wonderful decision. Once you determine that you are an excellent candidate for implants, learning more about the benefits can have a dramatic impact on your ability to quickly decide that implants are your treatment of choice. Wondering what could be so wonderful about this particular tooth replacement solution? In addition to acting as the sole prosthetic that can replace your tooth’s roots, while supporting a crown or other visible prosthetic, implants simply have a lot to offer.


Porcelain Veneers 101

smileperfectDo you spend time staring at your smile in the mirror, counting the mounting number of ways you would like to improve its appearance? If so, you may find yourself feeling like many patients who worry their esthetic concerns are too vast for cosmetic treatment. Ready for some good news? We offer porcelain veneers, which will provide you with a dramatic smile transformation. By becoming familiar with this cosmetic treatment, you will quickly discover just how beneficial veneers can become for your smile.


Dental Implants: An Introduction

dentalimplantpinkThe decision to replace your missing teeth brings with it quite a journey. You have access to a multitude of choices for completing your smile, which may cause you to feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to narrowing down your options. For patients seeking exceptional stability and long term wear, we often suggest addressing tooth loss with dental implants. Not sure what to make of implants but a secure, longwearing prosthetic is high on your priority list? Take in some essential information about implants to help you become one step closer toward attaining a restored smile.


Cosmetic Dentistry Instead of Braces

cosmetic dentistry instead of bracesDo you wish you could straighten your slightly crooked teeth, but would prefer to do so without having to wear metal braces? You’re not alone. As an adult, confidence and image-consciousness may be more than just vanity; they could also be an important factor in your personal and professional lives. Fortunately, we offer a few cosmetic options for straightening teeth without conventional braces (unless your teeth are severely crooked and require specialized orthodontic treatment). (more…)

A Quiz on Dental Emergencies

dental emergency quizLike all good health care, emergencies are a common part of effective general dental care, and the more you know about your dental health, the better prepared you’ll be to face an emergency situation. Today, we test how much you know about effective emergency dental care, and how to reduce the risks of your teeth being irrevocably damaged, with a short emergency dental quiz. (more…)