Dental Implants: What Should Care Be Like?

questionmarkyellowAre you unsure about how to care for your dental implants? Perhaps you have not yet received these tooth replacements but you’re getting excited about the idea (even though worrying about maintenance is causing you some serious hesitation). Fortunately, making sure your implants remain safe and sound is no tall order. Instead, the expectations for care are quite closely aligned with what you’ve been doing for your smile all along. Let’s clear up the details, so you can rest easy and complete your smile.

It Should Include Brushing And Flossing

When you’re taking care of your dental implants, your care at home will generally include the same details that come into play when you’re taking care of a smile that is free of implants. Simply ensure that you’re doing the following on a regular basis without skipping a beat:

  • Brush your smile in the morning with a soft-bristle toothbrush for two minutes
  • Brush again in the evening for two minutes
  • Floss thoroughly (daily)

Care Also Requires The Usual Visits

Beyond the care you provide for your dental implants (and the rest of your smile, of course), is the professional care you need for comprehensive prevention. Just like always, you will still need to come on in for your dental checkups and your dental cleanings. Keep visits on the books every six months (that’s a total of just two times a year), so your oral health stays in immaculate condition and your implants remain successful. If you have additional questions, your visits are a wonderful time to bring them up (and to receive answers).