How Do Veneers Transform A Smile?

Between work and holiday events, finding time to see the dentist before the year ends may be difficult. However, if you want a more attractive smile by 2020, we can help with a complete smile transformation in as little as two visits. Learn more about how your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist improves smile beauty with porcelain veneers.

A Cosmetic Restoration

Most restorations are designed to address the function and health of a tooth. For example, a filling repairs minor cavities, and a crown addresses damage or serious oral health concerns. We take steps to ensure they look natural, but that is not their goal. However, veneers are meant to completely transform the beauty of a smile. The restoration is very thin and created from strong and durable porcelain. This material can also be shaded to match the color of surrounding teeth and with proper care and attention, can last for decades.

Placement and Maintenance

To place them, we need to make room for them. After we remove a thin layer of enamel, our team will gather detailed measurements, impressions, and images, which we use to design and create the restoration. When you return for a second visit, we will place the competed veneer on the front-facing side of your tooth. We use a powerful bonding agent to hold them in place, the same we use to secure dental crowns. Routine care can help protect the teeth they’re attached to from gum disease and tooth decay, helping them stay in place and providing decades of quality smile improvement. Caring for them is as simple as brushing and flossing daily and seeing us every six months for a checkup and cleaning visit.

Improving Smile Beauty

Since they cover the front and sides of the teeth, we can use them to mask permanent teeth stains. These stains may form below the enamel and could be difficult to remove with teeth whitening. Placement also lengthens worn down teeth and provides repair for minor chips and cracks. We can reshape misshapen teeth, and close unsightly gaps between the teeth. For those with minor misalignment, we can correct the appearance of the smile without resorting to metal braces or aligners. If you have any questions about the benefits of lifelike veneers, or if you would like to find out if they’re right for your smile, then contact our team today. Let’s greet 2020 with an amazing new smile!

Do You Want a Brighter Smile?

Our team would love to help you start 2020 with a stunning new smile. For more information on our cosmetic dental treatments, please schedule a consultation by calling Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA today at 818-347-5124. We also proudly welcome patients from Thousand Oaks, Westlake, and all surrounding communities.