Is It Time for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Is It Time for Cosmetic Dentistry?Do you find yourself holding that coffee mug in front of your mouth long after you take a sip? While your friends are tilting their heads backwards, laughing with glee, are you hiding behind a close-mouthed grin? Do you dread having your photo taken, regardless of how happy the circumstance? If so, it could be time for cosmetic dentistry! A cosmetic dentist can help hide the imperfections causing you to feel insecure, and more importantly, he or she can highlight the natural beauty in the smile you were born with. That way you can spend more time confidently enjoying your life, and less worrying about esthetic issues.

What Treatments Can Help You?

There are a number of cosmetic treatments that can help address imperfections, but in order to determine which is best for you, or if a combination of treatments is actually necessary, you must first determine the cause of your particular insecurities.

Teeth whitening is the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry, because it is fast, affordable, and can provide dramatic results for patients whose only concern is teeth staining.

But for patients with other woes, such as disproportional teeth, permanent staining, uneven spacing, jagged edges and other imperfections, cosmetic bonding and veneers make great options. Both can address a number of issues, but each has unique benefits. Bonding, for instance, takes less time and money to complete, initially. But the results may not last as long as porcelain veneers. Because porcelain is naturally stain-resistant and durable, it is advisable for patients that drink a lot of coffee, dark teas, red wines, or users of tobacco products.