When Does A Smile Need A Partial Denture?

woodland hills partial denturesLosing a tooth means care with a dental bridge, but if you have several gaps spread out across your smile, then we may recommend a partial denture. In today’s boog, your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist talks about when a smile benefits from a partial denture, and how we create and place one.

Creating Your New Prosthetic

Each prosthetic we craft for a patient is custom-made. This ensures a comfortable fit that preserves the balance of your bite, and also allows us to create a denture that looks natural too. We start by taking detailed images and impressions with digital scanning technology, and using them in a lab setting to design and craft your new teeth. For some, we may need to extract any decayed or diseased teeth that are beyond treatment. The prosthetic will contain a base made from acrylic and designed to look like gum tissue. The ceramic teeth will be placed into the base. We use materials like ceramic to ensure new teeth look natural and blend seamlessly with your smile.

Partial vs. Full

We prescribe a partial for those with multiple missing teeth in their smile, and gaps spread out across an arch. A full denture replaces every tooth on one or both arches, and a bridge address between one and three lost teeth in a row. The partial is the in-between stage. There will be new teeth set in an acrylic base, and metal clasps that attach to natural teeth to secure the prosthetic firmly. The clasps will be invisible when your new teeth are in place.

Your New Smile

You will wear your new teeth during the day, smiling with confidence and once again able to eat your favorite foods again. The denture will need to be removed for soaking and cleaning occasionally, and they last about 5 to 10 years on average. You may need a new set as the shape of your jaw ridge changes. We can help ensure you wear them properly, and help adjust or replace them as needed. Remember, filling the gap with a prosthetic limits the risk of misalignment, TMJ disorder, bruxism, and other factors that could cause discomfort and even lead to further tooth loss. If you have any questions about how we tackle more advanced cases of tooth loss, then contact our edam today to learn more. Don’t live with an embarrassing gap in your smile, let our team help!

Talk To Your Woodland Hills, CA Dentist About Partial Prosthetics

Even if you have multiple gaps across your smile, we could help with a custom-made denture, so you can eat and smile as you did before tooth loss. If you have a more severe case of tooth loss and require a lifelike dental prosthetic, then contact your Woodland Hills, CA, dentist’s office by calling 818-347-5124.