Repairing Your Damaged Tooth

Study Guy Smile Woodland Hills CASince our teeth do not regrow, any damage to them can lead to lasting consequences. In order to prevent further harm to your smile, speak with a trusted dental provider about your cracked or broken tooth as soon as possible. The placement of a sturdy dental crown can help you to save this location from serious harm such as bacterial infection. When these germs reach the soft tissue within your tooth, you can experience a seriously painful toothache that requires a root canal treatment to correct.

At Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA, we are here to help you to retain as much of your natural material as possible through the use of helpful restorative care. One such method is the placement of a durable dental crown as a cap over your existing tooth structure, and this technique has multiple benefits. Your natural enamel is a highly protective shield for the more vulnerable tissue within, so allowing your damage to continue without repair will leave you at risk of further complications. We are here to help you to maintain and retain your existing teeth!

How Do Dental Crowns Help Save Damaged Teeth?

When you crack or break a tooth, you lose the protection of your healthy enamel, which puts you at significant risk of internal infection. In order to avoid this, speak with your qualified dental health professional about your options in repair quickly after you experience an injury. If addressed early, your dentist can help you to avoid bacterial growth through the placement of a sturdy dental crown.

This method of repair is a durable cap that your provider cements atop your existing tooth. When you need to save your existing tooth after an injury, a dental crown could be your solution, so speak with your dentist about all of your options.

Could A Dental Crown Prevent Further Injury And Infection?

When you require the repair of one of your injured teeth, a dental crown provides lasting stability. While your enamel is the strongest material in your body, the underlying dentin is more vulnerable to infection and damage. This means that you could experience further harm if you do not repair the situation.

Dental crowns give you back the ability to chew and speak with confidence, so do not wait in seeking treatment. You could be risking serious infection that could require a root canal treatment or even an extraction!

Repairing Your Smile With Dental Crowns In Woodland Hills, CA

For more information on our practice or to schedule your examination, give us a call! We are available at Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA at (818)347-5124. Speak to us about your situation and discover the lasting benefits of a dental crown.