Smile Prettier with Professional Whitening

Smile Bright This Year with Professional WhiteningThe New Year is a great time to reflect on the past months, and to determine what you’d like to change in the future. If part of your goals includes creating a brighter smile, don’t head to the drugstore for an over-the-counter product, that may not be able to provide the dramatic results you want. Instead, schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist, who can provide you with professional teeth whitening products designed to reduce staining and lighten teeth, often by up to ten shades. That way, you can face the new year confidently, knowing that your smile looks its absolute best and brightest!

Is Staining Inevitable?

While your teeth may naturally become less bright, over time, that doesn’t mean that dark staining is inevitable, or that you have to live with discoloration, if it does develop. Professional whitening can help erase any existing stains, while smart dental choices can help keep your teeth bright. Avoiding staining drinks like coffee, tea and soda, for instance, can help. But if you are going to drink a staining beverage, consider using a straw, and/or following it up with a glass of water. And don’t neglect dental hygiene, which can help keep your teeth both healthy and beautiful.

How Does Professional Whitening Work?

Professional whitening uses special prescription-grade products that are only available through a cosmetic dentist. They’re designed to be both safe and highly effective at removing stains. First they gently break up the stains, and then they can be removed safely without damaging the sensitive enamel of your teeth.

Once stains have successfully been removed, teeth look brighter, younger and healthier, creating a more appealing smile.