Trust In A Professional For Your Teeth Whitening

Volunteer With Teeth Whitening Woodland Hills CAHave you started to notice that your smile is not as bright and vibrant as it once was? You may have stains on your enamel, leftover from the things that you eat and drink. Even with all those new pastes and rinses, you might have a difficult time removing these stains on your own. These can be ineffective and even harmful to your oral health if used improperly.

If you are tired of fighting those problem stains, it is time to talk to your dentist about your options in cosmetic teeth whitening. With our team of expert dentists in Woodland Hills, CA, you can improve the appearance of your smile with a brighter shade through a simple at-home course of treatment. Start your cosmetic journey with a cleaning and examination to determine the cause and extent of your stains. Our team is here to help you achieve a beautiful smile!

Take The Time For A Checkup To Learn About Your Stains

When you start to see that your smile is duller or more yellowed than it once was, this may be a sign of enamel stains. This is a common condition that can happen to just about any of us, even with a dedication to oral health maintenance, as the things that you enjoy eating and drinking can leave lasting memories on the surface of your teeth. If you are a fan of certain foods and beverages with particular staining power, talk to your dentist about ways to enhance your dental maintenance to try to avoid these stains to begin with.

Sometimes, these stains are unavoidable. At this point, schedule a dental checkup to discuss your condition and make a plan for your cosmetic teeth whitening. By working with a trained oral health expert, you give yourself the opportunity to learn more about the causes of your stains!

Lighten Your Shade With At-Home Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

At your dental checkup, your provider may give you a diagnosis of extrinsic enamel staining. When this happens, it is time to talk about treatment. Be sure to learn about the process and stick to the schedule, as overbleaching can lead to dentin sensitivity.

Our office offers you a simple form of whitening improvement that you can use alongside your nightly brushing and flossing. With your custom whitening trays, fill them with our potent lifting agent and wear them for the prescribed period of time. Start to see results in as little as two weeks with at-home whitening!

Learn More About The Teeth Whitening Process Today

When you want to see an improvement to the shade of your enamel, start your path with a dental checkup. To learn more about your options in teeth whitening, give us a call at Woodland Hills Dental Arts in Woodland Hills, CA at (818)347-5124!