Category: General Dentistry

Are You In Need of Restorative Dentistry?

Sometimes dental issues are clearly felt, for instance when an infected tooth is causing severe pain. Sometimes symptoms of oral health problems can be seen, such as bleeding gums, a crack in a tooth, or the grey lines of a cavity. Sadly, often dental symptoms go either unnoticed or ignored, making extensive restorative treatment a… Read more »

Your Smile’s Beauty Depends on Healthy Gums

Most people are concerned with the appearance of their smiles, especially their teeth. A bright and shiny smile can make a person feel confident and ready to face the world. Unfortunately one of the greatest threats to oral health is often overlooked, even by those with diligent dental hygiene routines; it’s gum disease. If you’re… Read more »

A Quiz on Dental Emergencies

Like all good health care, emergencies are a common part of effective general dental care, and the more you know about your dental health, the better prepared you’ll be to face an emergency situation. Today, we test how much you know about effective emergency dental care, and how to reduce the risks of your teeth… Read more »