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A Few Facts About Modern Tooth Fillings

Even if you’ve never had a filling, you may recognize what one is and the importance of using one to treat a cavity. Since tooth decay is the most common dental health concern, you may know a friend or family member who has had a filling placed. Nevertheless, the more you know about modern tooth… Read more »

Dental Implants: Clearing Up Rumors

Have you come to the conclusion that dental implants offer tooth replacement benefits you’re looking to achieve? Do you find that with every advantage you learn about, someone mentions a potential drawback? Are you having trouble determining whether those drawbacks are simply rumors or if they are factual? Fortunately, we can always help you distinguish… Read more »

Dentures vs. Implants: What’s the Difference?

Dentures and tooth implants offer ways to replace a missing tooth and restore beauty to a genuine smile. Dentures and implants can be used alone, or in concert with each other. One factor that determines whether dentures, implants or a combination of the two will works best is the number and location of missing teeth…. Read more »

Could You Rest Better with Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Do you feel like you have you been struggling to get a quality night’s worth of sleep, no matter how early you go to bed or how late you sleep in? Do you wake up feeling tired, even irritable, after what you thought was a full night’s rest? Many people don’t realize that loud snoring,… Read more »

Do You Have a Dental Cavity?

Has your morning cup of coffee started to cause you pain? Do you find yourself passing up the dessert cart, solely because of dental discomfort? Have you noticed any changes in your teeth’s appearance, such as grey lines or even white patches? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a… Read more »

Which Dental Crown Is Right for Your Smile?

For many years, crowns were made primarily of metal, which unfortunately posed a number of potential problems for many patients. Those with metal allergies or sensitivities might have had problems getting dental treatment, when metal was the only widely available option. Many dentists also recommended moms should not have metal crowns placed during pregnancy. Others… Read more »

Reasons to Seek Seamless Smile Restorations

Seamless Smile Restorations

Do you need restorative treatment, to cope with a dental issue like a progressed cavity or even a tooth infection? Are you hoping to correct your issues in a way that won’t wreck the beauty of your smile? If so, you’re in luck. Modern restorative dentistry offers a number of ways to correct problems in… Read more »

Do You Suffer from Canker Sores? Natural Ways to Heal

Even if your smile is in great shape, you could still find yourself suffering from a canker sore. Not only are they quite painful, they are quite common, too, and they can occur in children as young as two. Fortunately most canker sores don’t require a visit to the dentist or doctor, as they should… Read more »

Enjoy Your Meals Again with Dental Implants

Are you getting sick of removing your dentures, because by the end of the day they’re uncomfortable? Are you tired of feeling worried when you eat, because you’re not sure your prosthetic will make it through the meal? If so, it is time to talk with your restorative dentist about the potential benefits of dental… Read more »

Smile Confidently with a Modern Dental Crown

Have you been suffering with dental pain because you’re worried about what restorative treatment will entail? Some patients think that the only way to restore the smile after a cavity, or even root canal treatment, is to get an unsightly gold crown. Others may already have crowns, which are causing sensitivity or even discomfort, but… Read more »